Rollin M. Severance


Mr. Severance ground the first rotary file of high speed steel. That was the late twenties and the humble beginning of a business that has grown to invent new tools and designs to meet the needs of industry for over sixty years. Mr. Severance has built a business on honesty, integrity, quality, and service.

Working in a General Motors experimental plant and responsible for the tool crib Mr. Severance discovered that many rotary files were discarded and thought to be useless because they were dull. He took it upon himself to try to resharpen those made of high-speed steel. He managed to resharpen the rotary files so effectively that the various shapes to which he applied his grinding techniques performed much better than they had when new.

He founded a small company and using a grinder fashioned frum an old vacuum cleaner motor, he began filling orders. As business increased, he left GM to operate his business full-time.

We trace our genesis to the the first corporation, R.M. Severance established to manufacture, & market the original product line.

In the 1940’s, there were 9 branch plants manufacturing & servicing the product line in areas of the USA which was vital to Defence Department & the escalation of the industrial age. The west coast plant remained open in post war years to serve the thirteen western states.

In 1975, we moved to Santa Ana, CA, purchased our present facilities and in the ’80’s, established a computerized control system for on-time manufacturing and inventory control.

Also during that time, & into the ’90’s, more and more automated CNC, multi-axis grinders and turning machinery had been updated to produce the finished product. Better quality and cost control goals are a constant consideration for our product line and specials we are known for.

A unique feature offered the growing number of employees is that of a devotional period. Mrs. Severance, born in the Netherlands, immigrated to Grand Rapids, Mich. Remembering the queen’s custom of gathering her household for a time of devotions, Mrs. Severance urged a similar practice for her husband’s employees. This has since become a tradition.

Since our 46th catalog, and after more than 60 years of service to the industry we pay special tribute to
Mr. R.M. Severance.